Date Location
2018-06-26 Italy
2018-05-12 Poland
2018-04-27 Bulgaria
2018-03-28 Turkey
2018-03-23 Germany
2018-03-14 Brussels
2017-03-30 Genova

An event organised by UPSDA in cooperation with Plovdiv Prison and Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration for ex-prisoners and refugees

13:00 -13:15
Registration of participants
13:15 – 13:30
Institutional welcome
Kiril Sivkov, Plovdiv Prison – Director of Sector Social and Correctional services
Kamen Stratiev, UPSDA – Chairman of UPSDA
Atanaska Bykleva – Director of CSRI for ex-prisoners and refugees
13:30 – 15:00
Nikoleta Yaneva, UPSDA - Skills for Freedom Project Coordinator
Presentation of the Common European Framework of the skills developed in prison, through arts and theatre
Dimitar Yanev, UPSDA – Researcher in Skills for Freedom Project
Video - Streaming contribution
- Alina Doroch, SSW Collegium Balticum – Researcher - TBC
- Presentation of the Operations Manual for the development of inmates’ soft and hard skills Francesco Ferrari, ÉFA Équipe Formatori Associati -Trainer and Skills for freedom P.M. - TBC
Coffee break
15:30 – 16:00
Experiences in jail
- Lilia Sekova, UPSDA – Theater Director and Skills for Freedom operator
Emilia Cruschcov, UPSDA – Supervising psychologist in Skills for Freedom
16:00 – 16:30
Launch of the European Job-Matching Database (Skills after prison) - Video Contribution
Olena Bilozerova, DomSpain Consulting SL - Researcher and Skills for Freedom P.M.
Alfred Blasi, DomSpain Consulting SL - Technician
Questions and closure


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