Operative Guidelines

Operative Guidelines for the management of professional skills-developing projects addressed to prisoners.

For both artistic/theatrical companies and penitentiary institutions.

The aim is to define a good practices guide enhancing both internal organization of realities operating in jail, to help the development of validated training paths, and the participation of local communities involving institutional relationships with public administrations, job agencies and NGOs, that will help professional reintegration and real acknowledgment of the skills acquired through artistic activities.

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The second phase of the Skills for Freedom project (S4F) involved an experimentation, carried out by the following partner organizations: ARCI Liguria, AufBruch, Asturia, Eurosuccess Consulting, Izmir Governorship, Teatro dell’Ortica, UPSDA (United Professionals for Sustainable Development Association), to put into practice all the elements learned during the previous phase of research and training, during which concepts, logics and fundamental tools were defined for the realization of interventions in prison, of an artistic nature, in favour of disadvantaged subjects, at the purpose of developing specific work skills. The aim of the experiment, in addition to the fact of bringing to reality, information, ideas and models debated and assimilated in the first phase between the partners, was to elaborate and provide essential information for the construction of the second intellectual output (IO2), that is a guide for artistic/theatrical companies and for prison administrations to manage artistic projects that develop the skills and professionalism of the prisoners, which must first of all gather the best practices experimented by the partners with respect to:

1. Definition of the learning paths valid for the acquisition of the target skills by the prisoners
2. Training courses for artists and prisoners, and other actors involved in the process of reintegration of prisoners into the labour market
3. Actions of connection with public and private employment systems and the employment of weak groups.

These are the general contents of the Guidelines that determined the objectives of the experimentations; specifically, the partners had to check if:

  • Did the experimentation aim to professional competencies to be developed by the prisoners?
  • Did the experimentation aim to social/transversal competencies to be developed by the prisoners?
  • Did the experimentation foresee a future after jail for the prisoners that participated?
  • Did the experimentation have any kind of relationship with the “outside”?

ARCI Liguria - Affetti Ristretti ARCI Liguria - Radiologia Asturia AufBruch Eurosuccess Consulting Izmir Governoship Teatro dell'Ortica UPSDA
Output of the experimentation
Outcome of the experimentation
Staff skills
Role of prison staff
Target approach and selection
Training delivery methods
Group dynamics and problem solving
Certification tools


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