The ASTURIA VZW is an institute for adult education which based in Minderhout's inner city. The centre was founded in 2014 as a leading independent, and not-for-profit professional body dedicated to promoting best practice and raising the awareness and standards of project management and coaching in prison education. The centre has a regional scope and more than 160 parttime learners.

In the field of prison education the goals of our constitution are:

  • To promote the views on education in prisons as defined in:
    • Recommendation R (89) 12 of the Council of Europe on education in prison
    • The Flemish Decree of 8 March 2013 concerning the organisation of assistance and provision of services to detainees [Decreet betreffende de organisatie van de hulp- en dienstverlening aan gedetineerden van 8 maart 2013]
    • The Flemish decree of 15 June 2007 concerning adult education [Decreet betreffende het volwassenenonderwijs van 15 juni 2007]
    • The Flemish decree of 18 January 2008 concerning measures to stimulate the participation in culture, youth work ans sports [Het decreet houdende flankerende en stimulerende maatregelen ter bevordering van de participatie in cultuur, jeugdwerk en sport van 18 januari 2008]
  • To promote, connect and share the expertise of organisations that have and/or assume responsibilities in the area of education in prisons, in view of increasing the quality of education in prisons. This includes organising conferences on prison education.
  • To function as a network of expertise in prison education.
  • To develop a common view on education in prisons.
  • To facilitate visibility and public support for education in prisons.
  • To initiate and encourage research on education in prisons.

Hurkmans Gert, coordinator international projects,

Pastoor Van Dykstraat 25, 2322 Minderhout

0032 474 82 70 73


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